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Anonymous said: Selkies' selfies


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if Auer was a werewolf, she would also be missing a tooth in her beast form, which is adorable.

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I feel like the werewolf genre just makes werewolves generic bad asses too often without exploring some of the pitfalls of being a werewolf….like not wanting to rip your nice clothes because you gotta tear off a dude’s face. (To be fair, she normally would wear clothes that aren’t as nice, but it was an emergency.)

I’m working on pulling together a lengthy werewolf comic story, and this is sort of a little test comic to see if I can deal with drawing werewolves constantly. (Not a problem. It’s super fun to draw werewolves.)

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Commisioned by Kim B. to paint her Shepard having a cute lil’ piggyback moment with Liara! Awww!

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A super girly and peppy blonde girl who wears bright pink dresses and skirts everyday is best friends with a quiet goth girl who of course sports all black clothing and big lace up boots. Someone jokes and yells to them “Hey look, a fairy and a vampire!” The blonde turns around and flashes a fanged grin and says “She’s human actually.”




This has been done before, I’m sure.

it was but holy shit this is good

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a little love story about mermaids and tattoos

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pirate queen x mermaid princess for tori  <3

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I don’t think I’ve posted this yet - my piece for the Rookery anthology with some other just graduated SVA classmates. The theme of the book was myths and urban legends. I spent my childhood summers on an island in Nova Scotia, and I was always fascinated with seals, and, because of that, selkies.

Disclaimer: I have not made out with a seal. Yet.

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