pirate queen x mermaid princess for tori  <3

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I don’t think I’ve posted this yet - my piece for the Rookery anthology with some other just graduated SVA classmates. The theme of the book was myths and urban legends. I spent my childhood summers on an island in Nova Scotia, and I was always fascinated with seals, and, because of that, selkies.

Disclaimer: I have not made out with a seal. Yet.

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a threeheaded sphinx girly!!! yeah

gonna post shit like this to my twitter i think

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One page comic for the anthology my class is putting together about mythological creatures doing mundane activities, like a siren singing in the shower! I don’t know if it’s super clear, but she actually has a rock to sit on in her little tub thing. 

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I saw Maleficent on Friday and I really loved itttttt ;3;

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magical creatures helping other magical creatures (✿◡‿◡)

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I made some werewolf characters!! here they are as they transition 2 full wolf

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One of my projects for my 4th term at Art Center was to create our own design for the classic mythological beast, the cyclops. We drew an initial design for our character and for 14 weeks we hand sculpted a clay version of it!

The story for my cyclops is pretty short and sweet:

The Cyclopean and Human races are at war with each other and in the midst of the battle the daughter of the chief of the Cyclopes and the son of the captain of the Human race met and instantly fell in love. No rhyme or reason why, it was just love at first sight. Through their love they were able to bring the two races to peace.


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definitely not full moon wear

no one else i know has this problem

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Sometimes living with a two-millennia old vampire (who happened to be the only one who answered your craigslist ad for a roomate) is less cool and more stressful than you’d think it was.  

Especially when you work at a hospital. 

A short 7-pager drawn from my comic concept “Sometimes They Struggle”.

Even more dumb concepts, stories, and characters here.

Camilla = best vampire

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